Color of Reality

Alexa Meade's art is the medium for visual storytelling in Color of Reality, a short film written, directed, and choreographed by Jon Boogz. Movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck deliver performances that speak in powerful protest to the gun violence haunting American society today. Produced by Kalie Acheson of Animi.Design

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Color of Reality: a short film by Jon Boogz and Alexa Meade
- Starring Jon Boogz and Lil Buck -
- The artwork of Alexa Meade -

Transfixed by racial, political, and socioeconomic tensions saturating the news, movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck switch off the TV and release their emotions into a stirring dance that is both a lament and a spirited call to action. 

In their endeavor to go out into the world and effect a positive change, they discover in a muted urban landscape the barriers which persist in society and the enduring role of artists as misfits. A universal truth rings clear: no one is immune to the injustices of society and only ACTION will pave the way to the perpetuity of art, dialogue, and the possibility of justice.

The Making of Color of Reality

Alexa Meade uses her perspective-bending artwork to make Jon Boogz, Lil Buck, and 3D spaces look like the world of a 2D painting. Videographer Abbey Sacks helped capture Meade's process behind the scenes of Color Of Reality.

The process of Alexa transforming Jon Boogz and Lil Buck into dreamy painted masterpieces. Behind the scenes video filmed by Gavin Millette and Abbey Sacks. Edited by Abbey Sacks.

Painting the director, writer, choreographer and featured movement artist Jon Boogz. 

Turning Lil Buck into a beautiful painting.

The movement artists doing what they can to sit still.

Painting hands is the hardest part.

Jon Boogz and Lil Buck
- painted by Alexa Meade -

About the artist behind the painting
Alexa Meade -

Internationally-acclaimed artist Alexa Meade is famous for inventing a style of painting that transforms the 3-dimensional world of reality into what appears to be a 2-dimensional representation of itself. She explains her technique in her TED Talk "Your Body Is My Canvas," seen by millions. She has exhibited her art across the globe at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC, The Saatchi Gallery in London, The Grand Palais in Paris, and the streets of Tokyo.  As artist-in-residence at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Alexa is pushing the boundaries of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Alexa Meade's perspective-bending artwork is a primary visual storytelling element in the short film Color of Reality. 

The entire scene is covered in paint, transforming the 3-D world of reality into the 2-D world of abstraction created by Alexa Meade.

About the movement artist behind the Short Film
- Jon BoogZ -

Jon Boogz is a movement artist, choreographer, and director who seeks to push the evolution of what dance can be – sharing with audiences of all backgrounds an appreciation of the melding of art forms while inspiring and bringing awareness to social issues. Originally motivated to begin dancing by the painstaking choreography of Michael Jackson, Boogz embarked as a movement artist 15 years ago and soon thereafter was participating in dance competitions around the world. Since then he has choreographed work for numerous notable icons including ballet’s Mikhail Baryshnikov, Naomi Campbell, and Gloria Estefan. His collaborations include work with the TriBeCa Film Festival, Lil Buck, and Bonobo and his choreography is used in the FOX TV show “So You Think You Can Dance,” the Cirque du Soleil MJ ONE show in Las Vegas, and he was recently featured at the Geffen Playhouse “Backstage at the Geffen” gala with his dance company Control Freakz and Lil Buck, honoring actor Morgan Freeman. Boogz’ forthcoming works-in-progress continue to seek to seamlessly merge movement with the world of fine art, film, and the stage.

The Color of Reality was conceived by movement artist, choreographer, and director Jon Boogz.

  Color of Reality  Director, story creator, and movement artist Jon Boogz

Artist statement
Jon Boogz -

My inspiration behind the "Color of Reality" short film was simply to heighten awareness about some of the critical issues we are facing as a society. The artistic direction behind a lot of the projects I direct have that purpose. I feel like there are a lot of negative things happening in our world. If we as a human race could unite together as one and stop judging each other off skin color or sexual orientation this world would be a much better place. I use movement art to turn these tough conversations into beautiful messages of hope for all of us. Combining the storytelling of movement with the 2D style Alexa brings to the table is what I hope is a compelling way to spark constructive dialogue. I knew if this was done right it would really hit home in a powerful way, but be abstract enough to allow each individual to develop their own opinion and takeaway.


International phenomenon LIL BUCK began jookin’– a street dance that originated in Memphis –at age 13 alongside mentors Marico Flake and Daniel Price.  After receiving early hip-hop training from Teran Garry and ballet training on scholarship at the New Ballet Ensemble, he performed and choreographed until relocating to Los Angeles in 2009. Named one of Dance Magazine’s 25 to Watch, his collaboration with Spike Jonze and Yo-Yo Ma performing The Swan went viral in 2011.  This opened the door to collaborating with a broad range of renowned artists ranging from Janelle Monae to JR and the New York City Ballet to Madonna. Buck is acclaimed as a versatile artist and channels his creativity and charisma into works spanning the performing arts, commercial endeavors, and is a vocal advocate of arts education with a firm belief that art facilitates the learning of everything else.

Buck was the 2011 Artist in Residence at the Vail International Dance Festival and also served as an artistic ambassador alongside Yo-Yo Ma at the US-China Forum on the Arts and Culture in Beijing.  Following a performance for Madonna at her Super Bowl halftime show, he joined her MDNA tour and continued with modeling appearances for The Gap,GQ, the cover of Dance magazine, the Spike Jonze film Her, NOWNESS videos directed by Benjamin Millepied, dancing in Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: One. He recently performed for TEDx Teen and JR’s spring premiere for the New York City Ballet, and spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Lil Buck performs alongside Jon Boogz in Color of Reality.

- Movement Art Is -

Movement Artist: one who uses dance to move people and improve the world.

Selection of movement art snippets by Jon Boogz and Lil Buck from the short film "Color of Reality," written, directed, and choreographed by Jon Boogz with artwork by Alexa Meade. Dance excerpts from the short film shot by Kyle Stryker, edited by Charles Latham, and produced by Kalie Acheson. Dance montage edited by Abbey Sacks. 

M.A.I. is an organization that uses movement artistry to inspire change in the world. We believe that movement art is the universal language that can help break down social, geographic and economic boundaries. Dance has not been given the proper platform to reach its full potential artistically, and as a tool to improve our world. And we’re here to change this. M.A.I. is a movement where race, religion, gender, and artistic ability do not matter. It’s about allowing yourself to be turned inside out, to exchange loving energy, liberation of spirit, and connectivity to one another. The organization Movement Art Is seeks to change the spectrum of what dance can be through movement art films, workshops, love performances & exhibitions.

Alexa Meade's Paintings of Jon Boogz and Lil Buck
- As photographed by Matthew Brush -

- Critical Acclaim -

- The New York Times -

"In the lushly hypnotic video 'Color of Reality,' a quick tale told through movement and visual art, these men are dancers and their message is not just about social justice. It’s also about their art...Think of it as a van Gogh — that is, if one of his paintings were brought to life as a performative protest...used to inspire positive change and empower."


"A powerful portrait reflecting the tensions of modern society."


"Stunning tribute to black lives" 

Color of Reality playing in the heart of Downtown, Los Angeles on the StandardVision SVLA1 screen located at 901 W. Olympic Blvd. The piece plays at the top of the hour, every hour for the duration of September, 2016.

We All came together to make this possible

 From left to right, starting with the back row: Editor Charles Latham  of     Animi.Design , DP  Kyle Stryker , Director/Writer/Choreographer/Movement Artist  Jon Boogz , Producer  Kalie Acheson  of  Animi.Design , Artist  Alexa Meade , Set Decorator  Ashley Snively , Movement Artist  Lil Buck , B Camera/Ronin Operator  Sinziana Velicescu , Choreographer/Editor  Alec Clawson , Behind the Scenes  Gavin Millette , Set Decorator/Behind the Scenes  Abbey Sacks , Project Coordinator  Liz Olenski , Set Decorator  Britt Harrison . Members of the crew not pictured: Musician  Wondagurl , Musician  DBR , B Camera/Ronin Operator/ Special Effects  Ethan Coco

From left to right, starting with the back row: Editor Charles Latham of Animi.Design, DP Kyle Stryker, Director/Writer/Choreographer/Movement Artist Jon Boogz, Producer Kalie Acheson of Animi.Design, Artist Alexa Meade, Set Decorator Ashley Snively, Movement Artist Lil Buck, B Camera/Ronin Operator Sinziana Velicescu, Choreographer/Editor Alec Clawson, Behind the Scenes Gavin Millette, Set Decorator/Behind the Scenes Abbey Sacks, Project Coordinator Liz Olenski, Set Decorator Britt Harrison. Members of the crew not pictured: Musician Wondagurl, Musician DBR, B Camera/Ronin Operator/ Special Effects Ethan Coco

Jon Boogz, Lil Buck, and Alexa Meade react to seeing the short film "Color of Reality" up on the big screen for the first time!

Artwork - Alexa Meade, @alexameadeart

Writer, Director, Choreographer, and Movement Artist - Jon Boogz, @JonBoogz

Movement Artist, Choreographer - Lil Buck, @LilBuckDaLegend

Director of Photography, Coloring - Kyle Stryker, @strykerkyle

Producer - Kalie Acheson, @KalieAcheson of Animi.Design, @Animi.Design

Editor, Assistant Director - Charles Latham, @charleslathamxxv

Editor, Choreography - Alec Clawson, @AlecClawson

Music - DBR, @danielroumain - Wondagurl, @wondagurl 

B Camera, Ronin Operator, SPX - Ethan Coco, @nahte_coco

B Camera, Ronin Operator - Sinziana Velicescu, @casualtimetravel

Project Coordinator - Liz Olenski, @etolenski

Behind the Scenes - Gavin Millette, @gavinmillette

Set Decorator, Behind the Scenes - Abbey Sacks, @abbeysacksart 

Set Decorator - Ashley Snively, @glitter.bloom

Set Decorator - Britt Harrison, @brittharrrrison

Shimmy Boyle, @safetythirdproductions
Jason Yarbro
Altavien "Phyouture" Hart, @phyouture

Special Thanks to: 

Sol Guy, @solguy
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SV Presents, @standardvision
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