I also make toys.

I started developing my own toys as tools for boosting my spatial intelligence and creative problem solving skills in the art studio.

I would like to introduce you to my Art Arcs and Brick-a-Blocks

Questions about my toys? info@alexameade.com

art arcs

It's like a puzzle, but every move is a valid one - there are no wrong answers.
You can always find a way to make it fit!

Art Arcs allow for quick-start, intuitive play with an addictive "simple genius" quality.

100 multicolored pieces come in the set. There are 11 different shapes. 


The step pyramid shape of Brick-a-Blocks allows for horizontal/vertical building and most curiously, building out on the diagonal. The low center of gravity for the shape allows for feats of extraordinary balance and structural soundness in the most soaring of towers. You can even create arches!

16 multicolored blocks come in a set.

Jumbo blocks for floor play are 12” long.
mall blocks for table top play are 4.5” long.